Retrofit Kit Guidance and Archive

In 2017, the Interior Lighting Campaign initiated an effort to encourage product development and provide guidance on the selection and application of control-enabled retrofit kits intended for troffer, linear ambient, low-bay, and high-bay luminaires.  The motivation for this effort was to develop a specification to define the desired performance characteristics of retrofit kits designed to convert existing systems to controls-enabled light-emitting diode (LED) technology. Adoption of such specification was anticipated to save building owners more than 50% of the energy on a one-for-one basis and up to 80% with controls, while offering the added benefits of easy installation and configuration. A first draft of the specification is available in the archive below, along with a webinar presentation and video on the specification draft.  Interested parties submitted comments and data on the specification draft in an effort to allow for an open and transparent process in its development..

Key Dates

January 18, 2017 Draft specification released for comment
  Draft specification was released for comments to key stakeholders and published on the Interior Lighting Campaign website
March 2, 2017 Webinar held on Version 0.12 of the draft specification
  A webinar was held to present key aspects of the draft specification and allow comments/questions
Webinar Presentation
Webinar Video
March 17, 2017 Comments on draft specification Version 0.12 received
  Interested parties submitted comments/data on draft specification V 0.12
TBD Specification or Challenge for retrofit kits
  The next step in the process is under consideration.  More details will be posted at a later date.

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