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Federal sites are encouraged by the
Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP)
to participate in the Interior Lighting Campaign (ILC)

Benefits of Joining the ILC:

  • Save Money: Significantly reduce your site’s energy and maintenance costs. For example, high efficiency troffer lighting technology with controls can cut lighting energy bills by 75% while delivering additional benefits including long life, reduced maintenance costs, and improved lighting uniformity.
  • Meet Federal Guidelines: Help ensure that you are meeting federal requirements for energy efficiency.
  • Receive Technical Assistance: Lighting engineers are available to provide technical assistance to help ensure that your site is designed in a manner to take full advantage of new high efficiency lighting and controls systems.
  • Get Recognized: In addition to saving money and energy, ILC participants will be acknowledged on the campaign website and are eligible to receive recognition for exemplary energy efficient lighting performance.


Federal Sites Currently Participating in the ILC:

  Argonne National Laboratory   U.S. Army Reserve- 63d Regional Support Command
  Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory   U.S. Army Reserve- 81st Regional Support Command
  Oregon National Guard   U.S. Army Reserve- 88th Division (Readiness)2
  Pacific Northwest National Laboratory   U.S. Army Reserve- 99th Regional Support Command1
  U.S. Air Force - 412th Civil Engineer Group   U.S. Army Reserve- 9th Mission Support Command1
  U.S. Air Force   U.S. Department of Energy
  U.S. Air Force - Kadena Air Force Base3   U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, Perry Point VA Medical Center
  U.S. Air Force- Nellis Air Force Base3   U.S. General Services Administration1,3
  U.S. Air Force - Vandenberg Air Force Base   U.S. Navy Sea Systems Command 05Z32

What is required?  Participating agencies or facility managers agree to evaluate their portfolio and identify potential sites that can apply high-efficiency lighting technology. No formal commitment is required.

Who is eligible?  Federal facility managers with new construction projects and sites retrofitted since May 2013, or sites planned for completion by April 2018, are encouraged to join the ILC and be recognized on the web site.

Federal Resources

Federal Purchasing Requirements – Federal laws and requirements mandate that agencies purchase ENERGY STAR-qualified or FEMP-designated products in all product categories covered by these programs and in any acquisition actions that are not specifically exempted by law. FEMP provides acquisition guidance for commercial and industrial light emitting diode (LED) luminaires and fluorescent luminaires, product categories covered by FEMP-designated efficiency requirements. 

  • LED Luminaire Product Efficiency Requirements – FEMP acquisition guidance for commercial and industrial LED luminaires. Federal purchases must meet or exceed the minimum efficiency requirements in Table 1.
  • Find qualifying products: To find products that meet minimum federal efficiency requirements, visit the FEMP page of LED Lighting Facts.
Table 1. Efficiency Requirements for Commercial and Industrial LED Luminaires
Luminaire Type Light Output Luminaire Efficacy (LE)
Commercial: Linear Ambienta ≥375 lm/ft ≥119 lm/W
Commercial: 1-Foot by 4-Foot Troffers ≥1,500 lm ≥119 lm/W
Commercial: 2-Foot by 2-Foot Troffers ≥2,000 lm ≥111 lm/W
Commercial: 2-Foot by 4-Foot Troffers ≥3,000 lm ≥115 lm/W
Industrial: Low Bay ≥5,000 to <10,000 lm ≥109 lm/W
Industrial: High Bay ≥10,000 lm ≥128 lm/W

aIncludes luminaires with both direct and indirect lighting components.

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12016 Interior Lighting Campaign Exemplary Performance Recognition
22017 Interior Lighting Campaign Exemplary Performance Recognition
32018 Interior Lighting Campaign Exemplary Performance Recognition