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2018 Interior Lighting Campaign (ILC) Recognition for Exemplary Performance

Each year, the ILC recognizes organizations that have achieved exceptional performance in reducing lighting energy use in buildings.  The 2018 ILC Exemplary Performance Recognition spans four application categories including troffers, high-bay, low-bay and suspended linear systems in a number of recognition categories.

Participants Provide Building Information

ILC Participants should fill out the Submission Form each time they would like to submit a building or series of buildings. Once filled out, the form should be saved and emailed to We will work with you on ways to share the rest of the data with us.

Alternately, you can create a username and account on the Lighting Project Evaluator (LPE) and provide the details on your lighting project. For a complete list of the information you'll need to provide on the online tool, download the Information Checklist. Refer to the How-to Guide for detailed instructions on how to input your project details. A Submission Form will still need to be emailed to along with the corresponding Energy Estimate Excel download(s) from the Lighting Project Evaluator

Supporters Provide Number of Luminaires Installed

ILC Supporters representing energy efficiency, utility, or Service Providers (ESCO / Lighting as a Service) should fill out the Submission Form to document the number of high efficiency lighting systems installed through their energy efficiency/utility program(s).

If you need more clarification, request additional help from our technical assistance team by contacting us at