What's New?

Expansion of Luminaire Categories in the ILC

The Interior Lighting Campaign (ILC) has expanded the luminaire types we support with resources and technical assistance. Savings of 40% or more can be achieved when replacing conventional fluorescent or metal halide sources, however keep in mind that performance of these systems can vary significantly, so use the ILC resources below to help you make a sound choice. New luminaire categories in addition to troffers:

High-bay light fixture image
High-bay light fixture lighting EMS vehicle bay

Linear suspended light fixture image
Linear suspended light fixtures lighting an office

Low-bay light fixture image
Low-bay light fixtures lighting retail store

  • High-bay – Typically rectilinear (4' x 4', 4' x 6') or round replacements with mounting heights greater than 25', and often used in tall ceiling retail and warehouses.
  • Low-bay – Typically located in spaces where the mounting height is less than 25'. Often used in retail spaces.
  • Suspended linear – Typically employ suspended mounting, often mounted end-to-end in long linear runs. They are often used in retail, education, and office type spaces.

Next Steps For You

  • Take advantage of the resources below, or contact us with specific questions, to help ensure your project is a success! Limited technical assistance is provided at no cost to you by the U.S. Department of Energy lighting experts at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory.
  • If your organization has completed, or is planning to complete, projects that incorporate high efficiency lighting systems in these new categories, you are eligible to join the ILC. If you are planning a project, look for LED products that demonstrate performance of at least 105 lm/W, and don't forget lighting controls!  Contact us to learn more!




Suspended linear


Search Tools

  • The DesignLights Consortium's Solid-State Lighting Qualified Products List – This qualified product list, maintained by the DesignLights Corsortium (DLC), is a searchable database of light-emitting diode (LED) products including luminaires, retrofit kits, and linear replacement lamps.
  • The DesignLights Consortium's Networked Lighting Controls Qualified Product List – This qualified product list, provides a new resource to the lighting market and energy efficiency programs to understand, evaluate, and compare Networked Lighting Control Systems. The QPL also identifies systems eligible for new financial incentives and rebates from utilities and energy efficiency programs across North America.