What's New?

Everything!  The Interior Lighting Campaign is being re-imagined as the Integrated Lighting Campaign.

Why Integrate Lighting?

About 93% of the commercial energy use in a building falls into 3 categories: HVAC [40%], plugs and process loads [33%], and lighting [20%]. The exact amounts will vary based on the building type and vintage. Lighting energy use has been decreasing over the past few years while plug and process loads have increased. Now through novel technologies, both HVAC and plug loads can be reduced by interfacing with the lighting systems. Some occupancy sensors can both curtail lighting and HVAC or lighting and plug loads.

Similarly, lighting control signals can often be used to control plug load devices and the HVAC system. Both systems increase energy savings by reducing the power use of devices plugged into “smart” outlets or signal the HVAC system to modify the air flow and temperature set points if the space is vacant.

Even beyond controls and sensors, lighting needs are being addressed in novel ways.  Films are being added to windows for greater daylighting penetration, external shading systems are being integrating with electric lighting, lighting is being tuned for wellness, and sensor data about space utilization can be accessed for asset tracking.

As the ILC is being re-imagined to lead us into the next generation of energy savings, even greater benefits can be realized through whole building integration.  The ILC will be supporting and facilitating guidance on this front moving forward.