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Innovative Categories

The Interior Lighting Campaign (ILC) has expanded the categories for the 2019 Recognition process.

About 93% of the commercial energy use in a building falls into 3 categories: HVAC [40%], plugs and process loads [33%], and lighting [20%]. The exact amounts will vary based on the building type and vintage. Lighting energy use has been decreasing over the last few years while plugs and process loads have increased. Now through novel technologies, both HVAC and plug loads can be reduced by interfacing with the lighting systems. Some occupancy sensors can both curtail lighting and HVAC or lighting and plug loads. This is a growing body of interest and has moved from the lab to the field.

  • Integrated Controls Plug Loads and Lighting Systems

  • Integrated Controls for HVAC and Lighting Systems

  • Other Integrated Systems and Lighting

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